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On a desolate asteroid, a local mining facility has been infested by a strange alien like bug-like alliance. Their hive has caused a malfunction in the local security system, activating all security mechanisms and deploying extreme countermeasures, including the security bots and drones, armed with state-of-the-art weapon systems. The company has hired two specialist to rid the infestation, and bring some order back to the facility. You, and your partner, who specialize in the extermination of aliens, and the destruction of mechanical robots alike, after all for you guys it's just another day in the office....

Switcharoo is a 2d sidescroller, shooter, where one player controls the movement, and the other player controls the shooting. However, these roles can get swapped, when both players press the swap button. There are two different enemy categories, robots and aliens. The robot aliens can only be killed by the robot player, and vice versa.


- 2 Controllers (Xbox one, PS4, xbox 360, etc.)

-Preferably two players


-Level Designer-

Josh (Jay) Jewer (Twitter @joshdtj)

-Sound & Art-

Carsten Booth (Twitter @carstenboothBandcamp)

-Art and Animation-

Wulusi Zhang (Twitter @wuwuwuzhang)

Irvin Lam (Twitter@irClam)


Tyler Tam (Twitter @TnTam98)

Sebastian Swarney  (Twitter@SSwarney)


Switcharoo Windows Build 35 MB

Install instructions

For Windows

1. Unzip the downloaded file using a program that is able to (Winzip, 7-Zip, etc.)

2. Inside the unzipped folder, run the excetuable

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