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Survival Moon

You have crashed landed on the Moon! Luckily enough you have the tools to repair your ship, as long as you can find the parts. Watch your flashlight's battery and your oxygen levels while you traverse the dark side of the Moon, where unknown terrors awaits amidst the darkness...

Made by:

-Level Designer-

Joshua Jewer (Twitter @joshdtj)

-Sound & Art-

Carsten Booth (Twitter @carstenbooth, Bandcamp)


Wulusi Zhang (Twitter @wuwuwuzhang)


Tyler Tam (Twitter @TnTam98)

Sebastian Swarney   (Twitter@SSwarney)


Play On Web
PC Version 24 MB
Mac Version 26 MB

Install instructions

1. Unzip the downloaded file

2. Run the "Survival Moon.exe" file

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