Panic In Grocery Store

Welcome to Panic In Grocery Store! This is a multiplayer isometric game where the players are placed in a grocery market infested with ZOMBIES!

The goal of all of the players is to run around and collect as much produce as possible. In order to gain points, players must put their items in a cart and bring the carts to the check out zone at the top of the map. Players may also steal other players carts and items before they check out. All of this must be done while avoiding the zombies...Happy Looting!

A 4 player max competitive party game. Compatible with

  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Xbox One Controllers
  • PS4 Controllers

Game made in 72 hours by:

Joshua Jewer : Designer

Tyler Tam : Coder

Gillianne Gignac : 3D & UI Artist

Wulusi Zhang : 3D Artist

Original Player Controller by The Famous Mouse.


Panic In General Store - 28 MB

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